What is a Prostate Exam?

What is a Prostate Exam?

A prostate exam is a screening method used to look for early signs of prostate cancer.

What is your provider looking for during the exam?

During the examine, your doctor is feeling for irregularities in size, shape, and texture of the prostate.

Prostate cancer is asymptomatic, which means men usually don’t show signs or symptoms of the disease until it’s in a more advanced stage.

When should men get a prostate exam?

According to the American Cancer Society, men should have their first prostate exam by age 50. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you should consider having your first prostate exam at age 45.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does a prostate exam take?

The exam itself takes about 10 minutes.

Does a prostate exam hurt?

The exam may feel uncomfortable, but it should not be painful

Should I poop before a prostate exam?

You do not need to change your bathroom routine.

Do I need to fast before a prostate exam?

It is not required to fast before an exam, it is not recommended to eat a heavy meal.

Can you check your own prostate?

Since this is an internal exam, only a medical professional should perform this exam.


November is National Men’s Health Awareness Month. We encourage our patients to get checked to help prevent possible health issues.

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